Thank You and See You in 2014

"Hey, we hope all of you had a GREAT time at the event this year! Mother Nature sure did look favorably upon us, thanks for all the Sun Dances you crazy riders did... Keep up the good work!!! Well, now lets get to the good stuff. Here's where we tell ya who was the lucky winners of all the FREE stuff we had... Are ya ready?... Well, lets give a BIG "OH YEAH" to Terri Anzalone the lucky winner of the free cabin on the 2014 HIGH SEAS RALLY Cruise! We're sure Terri will be sold after this vacation! Now we need to give a "Shout Out" to Robert Martinson from Laurel Delaware, the proud owner of the BC CYCLES Custom Scooter! Hey, we're not done yet... Lets give another "hooray" to Brian Martinson, of Millersville, Maryland the winner of the Radiant Rides $500.00 LED Installation!!! Last , but not least, we need to say "Congratulations" to the 2013 CRUISE THE COAST winner Michele Comly, from Pennsylvania. She walked away with $1650.00 just for taking a RIDE!!!

Lets not forget to show our support to all the amazing vendors that were king enough to donate these Free Gifts to the event attendees... THANKS!!!!