Get Ready To Do It Again In 2014

Hey folks, we hope all of you had a blast last year and are ready to do it again in 2014! This year, with the help of some of our great Vendors, we are once again going to be giving away some awesome FREE prizes! You don’t have to be here to win, all ya gotta do is go the Vendors display on site and sign up. You can go each day, stop by and say "Hi”, and drop your name in the box. This year the Vendors will be giving away the following: High Seas Rally is giving away a FREE 7 day cruise for 2 on their 2015 Halloween Cruise at the Perdue Stadium location. Don’t stop there... Custom Dynamics LED will be giving away a FREE $500.00 Custom light installation at the Winter Place Park event location. Hey, there’s more coming, just keep checking in for the updates!